Three Things Thursday

1. Movie Review “Eat Pray Love”

Recently I saw the movie, but I was prepared to be underwhelmed because of reviews I heard of people leaving the theater. It would take a really boring or violent movie for me to leave, and EPL was none of that. I read the book when it came out, liked Elizabeth Gilbert’s story, (and last name), and was excited for Julia Roberts to play her. Here’s my opinion–

I think the movie was very similar to the book, and if people didn’t like it, they didn’t understand the book. The movie was most fun in Italy, but India and Indonesia were a bit boring. It was the same in the book, and that was the point of her journey too. There was less emphasis than the book of true introspection, but how many monologues could a viewer really take? I think those are best left for a book anyway.

Javier Bardem was lovely, the scenery of Bali was beautiful, and I thought Julia Roberts played Elizabeth Gilbert very well. I hope there is no sequel to her second book “Committed,” because that I would walk out of. That book was an F for showing her whiney indecisiveness. Movie: B+

2. Attention Houston: Free Cupcakes!

Remember when I blogged about how much I liked Crave Cupcakes over the competition in town? Well, Crave’s second Houston store opens on September 13 in the West University area, and they are giving away one dozen cupcakes every day on their Facebook page. Sign up to win, like them on Facebook, follow them on Twitter (@cravecupcakes), and read my review about why I choose Crave when making my Houston cupcake choice. What’s your favorite flavor? Mine is Strawberry. It’s to die for.

3. Why I Love Lululemon:

One thing I have not talked about on the blog is what I wear when I exercise. I am a big proponent of looking good to feel good, and definitely have my brand loyalties to athletic apparel lines. My original favorite is Nike, and I have an array of colors of Nike shorts. They are the best for all exercise in my opinion. However, when Lululemon first came to the United States, one of its first shops was a showroom in Dallas that was only open on Saturdays! I found out about it, and my first purchases were the Groove Crop and the original Power Y Tank. Well, Lululemon exploded and so did my wardrobe of exercise clothes.

Here’s what I love about Lululemon:

1. Most importantly, their clothes are fabulous. They fit perfectly, the luon material is magic (no chafing ever), and it’s so soft and comfortable. It is stylish like no other exercise clothes. I would wear some of the necklines as a party dress if they made them. I really love the necklines and back design that much. Is that weird?

2. The salespeople in the stores are so friendly. They are knowledgeable, help with styles and suggest things, and you can tell they enjoy working there. I like the Lululemon culture because they are all goal-oriented (they have “by when” goals) and fitness-loving people. You want to buy from people who really know their stuff, and embrace the culture too.

3. Their social media people are fun to follow too.

And here are my favorite pieces (note that these are from years of shopping, not all at once!):

The Scoop Neck Top is my current favorite. I have 3. Shh, don’t tell husband. I love everything about them.

I just bought the Push Your Limits Tank because I like the back, among the other reasons above of why I like Lulu.

The 50 Reps Bra is awesome. Stylish, and does what it’s supposed to. That’s all I have to say about that.

I also just bought the Dance Pant. This is unlike me, but I wanted a pant different than the Groove pants (because I have 3), but still good for travel and lounging but not exercise.

And the Groove pants, my all-time favorite pant. I don’t go on an airplane without wearing these.

So who are you wearing when you workout?

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  1. I love the groove pant too! I have a few of the groove cropped pants but the long pant is definitely a fav for travel! They have a hoodie that Im obsessed with too! I bought it in March and It goes everywhere with me. Just yesterday I bought 3 pairs of shorts that I love! But Im a big Nike person too. My boyfriend thinks my obsession with Nike shorts needs to slow down. haha. Love Eat Pray Love! :)

  2. I’m a Nike whore.. I can’t get myself to buy something from Luluemon, I’m poor. One day.

  3. When you say Crave’s new location is in West Ave, are you talking about the development at Kirby and Westheimer? I looked at a map of the address and it is near Kirby and Bissonnet, in West U.

  4. I’m so happy I found your blog, Crave will be pretty close to where I work!!! That may not be a good thing.

    I just jumped on the Nike tempo shorts bandwagon, may have to try out luluemon.

  5. That’s too bad, a West Ave location for Crave would have been on my way home! ;)

    PS – I wear a lot of UnderArmour. I run a lot and their Endure sports bras (though expensive) offer great support. I also love Lululemon and Lucy!


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