Needed: Blog-spiration

It’s Friday, and I don’t have a pretty recipe to post or a fitness story to tell. I need a little blog-spiration.

My week has been busier than usual with less picture taking and not as much fun in the kitchen.

I have picked up some various writing projects, tweaked with my blog’s redesign (notice my new header too?), and am preparing to cover the Houston Marathon for CultureMap on Sunday. With press credentials and all!

I’ve also been researching camera lenses for my DSLR because I should get a second (and maybe third lens, shhh don’t let Jeffrey know), but I want to make sure it’s the right one. Supposedly, buying lenses is like buying golf clubs. You can’t hit all your shots with the same club and you need different lenses for different types of pictures. When did I become a camera nerd?

Thank goodness it’s Friday, I need a weekend to prep more posts for next week. And bake for a neighborly dinner, and bake some cookies, because my holiday stash is finally running low? Where did they go?!

Here’s a look at what I have coming for you:

  • A look inside my pantry and freezer to go with the look inside my refrigerator
  • A recipe for Chocolate Nut Balls (similar to these two)
  • Recipes for whatever I create over the weekend (I think I’m attempting apple pie!)
  • An updated About Me page (thanks for the question suggestions, keep ‘em coming if you have anymore!)
  • Maybe Lily will post again sometime soon too. I did give her a page on my site.
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