Cocoa Nut Balls


Today’s recipe is brought to you by the ingredient: Dates.

Every other Monday, I participate in an ingredient challenge with a few bloggers around the country. This week’s recipe is the date, and since I already cook with them regularly, I have a few recipes to link to below.

Dates are not the most appealing dried fruit based on looks, but they are very versatile and easy to add to sweet or savory dishes. They are sticky so you don’t need extra stick like honey, and they are sweet so you don’t need extra sugar. If you like them by themselves, they would be a great simple snack. But I don’t.

I made this recipe based off of a recipe that Ashley made.

Cocoa Nut Balls



  • 1 C mixed almonds and pecans (could sub walnuts, I always use pecans instead.)
  • 1/2 C pitted Medjool dates
  • 1 T cocoa
  • 2 T coconut (mine is sweetened)


  • In a food processor, pulse the nuts until they’re in pieces. Remove from food processor and add in dates. Pulse those.
  • Add back the nuts, cocoa and coconut.
  • Pulse until it all comes together.
  • I added a few Tablespoons of water one at a time just to get them to come together easier.
  • Form into balls and refrigerate or freeze.
I keep mine in the freezer for long periods of time.
One batch makes about 13 balls.
These are great little snacks of unsalted nuts, naturally sweetened fruits, and a little sweet coconut. The cocoa gives it a devilish feel, but they are pretty harmless for you.
Other recipes with dates I have created include:

To see the other bloggers and their recipes using dates, click their pages here:

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  1. delicious! I LOVE little raw treats and balls like these :D

  2. YUM! Glad your food processory was nicer to you than mine was to me!What a great snack idea… and to keep them in the freezer makes them super convenient to keep around! This is probably a dumb question but do you have to defrost them if frozen?

    • Not a dumb question. Sometimes I eat them straight from the freezer, but they get a little softer/easier to bite if I let them thaw for a few minutes. You could also wrap in saran or put in tupperware and eat later on.

  3. These look like a great snack! I need to get some dates!

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