What’s in my freezer


This is the second part of a look behind closed doors. If you missed the “What’s in my refrigerator” post, click here. After this one, I’ll show you my pantry. And maybe my cabinets one day too.

I think the freezer can sometimes be where foods go to die or be forgotten about until the next hurricane when everything melts or thaws. I actually like storing things in my freezer and I try to keep it organized so I can see everything and remember what’s inside.

I always talk about freezing baked goods like muffins, cookies and loaf breads. Currently, we have the Pumpkin Ginberbread Loaf in slices, Banana Nut Muffins, Tollhouse Chocolate Chip Cookies, Gingerbread Men, and a few slices of Chocolate Marshmallow logs. Talk about delicious home cooking!

We also have vodka.


There’s a frozen CPK pizza, Amy’s Bean and Cheese burritos for a rainy day, and an Amy’s frozen dinner which may never get eaten. Some Frosty Paws doggie ice cream.

3 loaves of half eaten bread of Mrs. Bairds White Bread (Jeffrey had a craving for homestyle grilled cheese on white one day), Nature’s Pride Healthy Nut Bread, and Ezekiel Cinnamon Raisin bread. Also some Orowheat Rye bread. I like storing bread in the freezer because for a bread lover like me, there’s less temptation to nibble.

There are some treats from Zabar’s in NYC as a gift that are still wrapped so we don’t nibble at them–Rugalach and Chocolate Babka. I like saying the word Babka.

And some Alexia fries that we like to bake as a simple side.

Chicken apple sausage and frozen chicken breasts.


Frozen guacamole 100 calorie packs. Yum.

Frozen cranberry sauce from Thanksgiving. What? I might want it when cranberries aren’t in season.


Some Weight Watchers Ice Cream Bars. Ehh, not mine.

Frozen nuts, frozen Banana Soft Serve, chocolate chips, sticks of butter, M&Ms? Don’t remember those.

Cocoa Nut Balls. I make a dozen or so of these and they last a while! A great little snack before a meal if it’s going to be a while.


I’d better go check out those drawers in case something is frozen beyond recognition in there.

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  1. I have frozen cranberries in my freezer too. You never know when a cranberry craving will come along! ;)

  2. 100 cal guac??? Where do i get this?????

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