Garden Update


We have now been growing an herb and vegetable garden for two months! We frequently use the variations of basil, but have not used the peppers or tomatoes yet. Not quite ready!

In this report, I have some photos to share that show our veggies growing. We have one lone red tomato that we hope will grow bigger, and we have two bell peppers gaining in size too.

First up is a sequence of the garden. Below is the first day we got the plants. We didn’t know what to do with them! They sat like this for a week I think until we got real dirt and took them out of their containers. Taken April 23, 2011


Still on the ground with some sunlight, but not a lot, the plants are out of their cartons and planted in beds. Starting to grow. Taken May 14, 2011


I heard that all bell peppers start the same color and then transition through colors? Anyone else think that’s true?

Once our planters moved to the balcony, we started to seem like legitimate urban gardeners. Our balcony planters have held up great, and the plants keep growing taller and not tipping over. We are watering daily, one watering can full of water per box, and they seem to be withstanding the extreme heat and lack of rain.

This process has been very enjoyable and I’m not scared of gardening anymore! I hope to one day in a house with a yard be able to grow more vegetables and herbs. It’s like a little science experiment, and it’s nice to not buy herbs at the grocery store.

Below is our little bell pepper.


And out cute little red tomato. It went from green to red overnight.


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  1. Your tomatoes look perfectly fine. My tomatoes have black spots and I don’t know why. Is it about the water or lack of fertilizers?

  2. Planting tomatoes on a balcony! It’s the first time I see a red tomato growing at “heights”! Great job and keep us posted!


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