A Four Week Update

Logan is four weeks old this week, and one month on Friday! Yay for Logan! Yay for his parents! Not only is every week different, every day is something different too. Sometimes we get a lot of naps, sometimes not.

Sometimes he screams his head off when I put him on the playmat (below), and finally this week, he actually enjoyed it.  His shirt says “I love mommy.” I bought it for him.

One of the books I have, I think Baby 411, says that if baby doesn’t like something or something isn’t working for us, wait a week and try again. One week older is one week smarter. That’s what happened with the play mat.

photo 4.jpg

Below is a self-taken iPhone pic. It’s what I look like most days, and where I spend most of my days. Hair in a messy ponytail, baby in lap, and on this day, doggy in lap too. Sitting in the glider in Logan’s room. It’s a crowded chair.

photo 1.jpg

Lily will write a post soon, but here are some pictures of her so she isn’t left out. She sits on the ottoman of the glider while I feed Logan every time. I think she thinks it’s quiet time. She doesn’t get as many naps as she used to! And she thinks the Boppy is just another pillow she can lay on. It also takes almost an hour, so she gets a good rest every three hours!

photo 2.jpg

As you can see below, we try tummy time. This particular time he liked it a little.

Maybe one day I’ll write a little more about our whole days, but they change often, and I’m no expert on how to do it. I am trying to stick to a Babywise pattern of “eat, wake, sleep.” While there isn’t a lot to “wake” right now, I do like the pattern and try to stick to a three hour cycle. I know many disagree with On Becoming Babywise, and feed their babies “on demand,” but this is working for us. I’m a routine person and like to be on a schedule, so naturally, I try to make it work for baby too.

photo 3.jpg

I am also not ready to write about his sleeping patterns at night, because 1–I am not an expert on what works, and 2–I don’t want to jinx anything.

We’ve learned everything must be clarified with “for now” at the end of a sentence. Like “he’s a great eater for now,” “he has a morning nap I can always count on for now,” “he loves falling asleep in his swing for now.” I could go on and on!

With that, I am off to get something else accomplished during a quiet time.

Posts coming soon:

  • Lily’s take on this new person
  • A body after baby post
  • A peek into Logan’s nursery
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  1. I consider myself a demand feeder even though I try to stick to eat, wake, sleep, and base it all around a 3.5-4 hour “schedule”. If he’s hungry before the time is up, I feed him (it happens most often if we fail on “sleep”!)

    I love the “for now” ending. It’s so true!

  2. I was never able to do the “feed on demand” thing either. For some reason I had such a hard time picking up on all the typical signs babies supposedly give when they’re hungry (rooting, hands in mouth, etc.). My husband and I are routine people by nature so that was the easiest method for us to use with our son as well. We fed him every 3 hours like clock work. Not sure it was the right thing to do, but hey it got us through those first few months when you’re still learning the ropes. And I think we’ve turned our son into a routine lover too so now that he’s older, daily life is a lot easier :)

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