One, Part 2

This last month has been busy with getting ready to turn one. We have entered toddler territory, with more opinions, more interaction with people, and a lot more clingyness. Logan loves to hold onto things, whether he is supposed to have it or not. Like a phone, sunglasses, toy or trash found on the ground.


Backing up a bit…there isn’t a whole lot new. Logan still has no words, but makes a lot of sounds. He still won’t hold a cup or bottle himself and doesn’t even try. He does walk and sometimes run. He loves peek-a-boo, loves when someone pretends to chase him, and he loves when someone makes him laugh. He is starting to hand things to us when we ask, like keys, a toy, a ball, or dirt at the playground. How thoughtful. He loves holding anything shaped like a stick in his hands. A rattle, long and skinny puzzle piece, wooden drumstick, hammer, etc. He is also starting to “play” with Lily. They will wrestle over the same toy and she will try to take it from him or ask him to throw it. If only she knew he has no idea what she is asking him to do!


His eating is going fine. New this month is an interest in fruit, of which I am glad because it gives me more foods to pull from my arsenal of choices to offer. He likes strawberries, kiwi, steamed apples, mango and cantaloupe. Still won’t touch a banana or blueberries or raspberries. He had zero interest in his birthday cake and would not touch it. His loss!


Milk is a different story. All month, we have been weaning from the bottle and from formula. My goal was to be done with formula by his birthday, and hopefully onto all cups too. We have spent a lot of the month trying to teach him to use a straw cup or various sippy cups. He wants nothing to do with it and can’t figure out a straw to save his life. It also drives us crazy. He seems to like whole milk, but won’t hold his cup to get enough to fill himself up. We are constantly chasing him around holding his cup in his mouth or else he gets mad because he is hungry and thirsty. I was changing one feeding a day from formula to milk each week for a month. Does that make sense? By the end of the 12th month, no more formula. We will probably keep one bottle a day and fill it with whole milk to make sure he is drinking.


Sleeping is also going great when he is at home. He falls asleep easily at night and sleeps until about 6:30 a.m., but we leave him in bed until 7 a.m. When at home, he takes two good naps a day, at 9 a.m. and 1 p.m. The afternoon one is usually awesome, from 1-3ish. When he is at school, his naps are crappy and often total one hour or less for the day. It makes for a long afternoon after I pick him up and drives me crazy.


We have been spending more time this month at parks by ourselves or with friends. Now that he is a steady walker, he can move around the playground much better and we have more options than just the swing. He also must be holding a shovel. He loves to climb up a slide or tunnel, and down as well.

Eating, sleeping, playing…that’s about it for the highlights of a one year old!

Next up–the birthday party!


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  1. We got our little guy used to a straw at about 7 months. It took about a week. He watched me and then I would give him a straw to play with. He was surprised the first time liquid came up. He spit it out. I also gave him Plum Organic pouches when we were out and about. I didn’t squeeze them for him, he figured how to suck the pear purée out which also helped with the straw situation. Hope that helps.

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