First birthday party

Planning Logan’s first birthday party was one of the most fun and crafy activities I have done to date. I began thinking of ideas and bookmarking some ideas I liked around October, and decided on a theme/colors/venue shortly after. We had his party at the Bellaire Nature Discovery Center on a Saturday morning. We were very lucky with perfect weather, as it poured rain and was very cold the next morning.


Here are some details:

Food–we had Shipley’s donuts, chocolate and plain glazed. Also a bowl of apples, bananas and clementine oranges. We had snack bags for kids and adults that said “Have a snack with Logan” on labels I made from a Post it pack I bought a few months ago. We had a tub of small waters and apple juices, and a big jug of orange juice.



The cake and cupcakes were from Indulge Baking Co., and matched Logan’s shirt and the banners.


The shirt and matching bib were from my Dallas friend Gretchen. Hi!



Decorations–I made two banners by hand. I cut and glued and laminated all myself. It was really fun. The monthly pics banner was very long, with 13 photos. The “Logan is One” banner was a second thought after I had leftover paper and wanted another banner. It also helped bring the colors together again. Thank goodness his name isn’t longer than five letters!


Then I had another idea after I saw a similar poster on this blog post. I was mildly obsessed with figuring out how to replicate this for about a week. She used Photoshop, but I made mine in Word. I downloaded a chalkboard jpeg, then downloaded some of the free fonts and typed in white on the chalkboard. It turned out really awesome, in my opinion. Then I sent it to a local printer who printed it on foam matting and I displayed it on an easel. I love it still.


For activities at the party, we had a bunny read a story and then the kids could pet it. Her name was coincidentally Lily. We also brought some blow up sports balls and had some plastic clappers and sunglasses on the picnic tables.

For party favors, we had a minor dispute about these. I wanted to write names on water bottles with curly straws I saw at Party City, but they turned out too ugly for Jeffrey, and he recommended we do something else. He found some glass tiny milk jars that we filled with colored goldfish and came with a personalized label. They turned out very cute. And my mom added some shovels and rakes for kids to take home.



I was so happy with how it turned out, and very proud of myself for being so crafty.

Now onto planning Jeffrey’s 30th birthday in May!

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